How Koia Uncovered Whitespace with Massive Sales Potential

Looking to uncover insights about growth potential, Koia, a nutrition shake and smoothie company, took advantage of Helio’s brand, trend, and competitive intelligence capabilities to predict the propensity for sales growth within untapped pockets of whitespace.


The Challenge

Koia came to Helio seeking opportunities for disruption by optimizing pillar positioning


Specifically, they wanted insights into categories where the company’s 3 product pillars (High Protein, Plant Based, and Low Sugar) could be positioned as core values but are not currently being positioned in that way — as well as categories where the pillars might already be present but aren’t being positioned properly or prominently enough.

What You’ll Learn


How Helio data helped Koia develop a deeper understanding of their 3 product pillars: High Protein, Plant Based and Low Sugar


Key trends and data inputs that informed market analysis to help Koia understand whitespace opportunities


How Helio helped Koia identify 4 ideal categories for new product expansion

About Helio

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