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At Helio, We’re Helping Build the Brands of Tomorrow

Request a demo to learn more about how we support leaders in Brand Management, M&A and Corp Dev, Innovation and Strategy, Insights and Market Analysis, and more.


How it works

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We pull data on more than 2.5 million brands from hundreds of sources. By aggregating everything from point of sale records to customer reviews, we’re able to capture a complete picture of the CPG industry at any given moment.

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Our advanced algorithms organize and visualize these data points by attribute, making it easy for a CPG leader to search for what they need: whether they’re looking for key purchase criteria in a specific category, trending ingredients, or total addressable market.

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Beyond analyzing data, we’ve built models that allow us to use that data to predict the future — helping our customers understand a brands’ growth potential (we call it the “Helio Growth Predictor”) and revenue potential.

Our Solutions

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Identify total addressable market and evaluate targets against benchmarks and markers for future success so you never miss a deal (or pay more than you should).

Group 6

Brand and Category Intelligence

See how brands within a given category compare based on attributes like revenue, and understand where there’s white space in a given category to inform product development.

Group 4

Trend Intelligence

Analyze brands’ performance and customer sentiment to get in front of trends before they’ve peaked, ensuring that your product development and go-to-market strategy remains ahead of the curve.

Group 9

Competitive Intelligence

Instantly compare your brand’s performance to that of competitors, determine if new entrants are threats, and identify your gaps so you can continue defending your shelf space.

Group 8

Customer Intelligence

Access customer reviews to understand product sentiment and demand: keeping your finger on the pulse of what people like, dislike, and expect from the brands they invest in.

Group 7


Identify areas of opportunity for innovation and growth that you might otherwise miss: the sorts of things that can guide your product assortment mix, channel strategy, and more.

What Makes Helio Different?

We’re more comprehensive.

Our platform is the industry’s most comprehensive: pulling data from more brands (over 1.4 million) and more sources (over 200) than the competition.

We’re ahead of the curve.

Our platform identifies brands and trends before they peak, and predicts brands’ growth before they’re able to catch competition by surprise.surprise. the competition.

We’re not just single-source.

While many platforms focus solely on e-commerce, retail, consumer, or social, we look at multiple sources to paint a holistic picture of performance.

We grow with you.

Emerging and enterprise brands have different needs: so we’ve developed features that support initial growth and long-term scale.

See what Helio can do for you.

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