2023 Trends in Food, Beverage & VMS Landing Page

Dive deep into 2023 trends across consumable categories including food, beverage and VMS. We’ve rounded up the top trends and forward-looking insights to help CPG leaders get –  and stay –  ahead of the curve in 2023.


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Stay ahead of the curve in Food, Beverage, and VMS

This guide compiles data and analysis from 1.5M brands tracked across 200+ sources in Helio, the most comprehensive data platform for the CPG Industry. Explore trends and insights impacting 2023 growth for CPG brands across Food, Beverage and VMS.

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What You’ll Learn


Subcategories with the fastest sales growth and brand count across Food, Beverage & VMS


Consumer & market trends that underpin growth across Food, Beverage & VMS


Breakout brands and verticals to watch in each category 

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Why CPG Leaders Love Helio

We provide CPG leaders with the data and insights they need to grow through innovation, expansion, and acquisition. By pulling metrics from 1.4 million+ brands and 200+ data sources, and identifying trends before they go mainstream, we’re cracking the intelligence platform code and paving a way to get ahead of emerging CPG industry trends.

Learn more and get in touch at heliodata.com.

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